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A Local Virgo Makes the Paper


Hailing a Cab

The Mumbler Speaks of
Pigeon Wars

Squeeze Play: For Joe and
Norma Jean

A Local Virgo Makes the Paper

Safe from the Elements

St. Valentine's Day: When you Care Enough to Send the Very Best

Completely Well: For B.B. King and Wallace Stevens

April Dancing: For Dietrich

The Left Hand of God

Passing Thru for Ti Jean

The Rosary of Dachau

On page 14
your body
is pending
the completion
of arrangements

but on page 26
right next to
the comics
the stars
still insist
on saying

that you tend
to gain now
from a situation
not entirely of
your own making

So be ready
to share in
the benefits
that pop up

by believing
that the best
is always yet
to come 


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